Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why I Want My Kids To Fail...................!!!

I don’t want my kids to win every basketball, football or soccer game.
I want them to occasionally play against kids who are much bigger than them in an unfair match-up.
I want the referee to get it wrong with them sometimes.
I don’t want them to get 100% for every spelling or maths test.
I don’t want them to master every piano piece on the first attempt.
I want them to know that it’s not the end of the world if they fall off the balance beam during competition.
I want them to occasionally scrape their knees and bruise their shins.
I want them to learn how to take risks and be slightly embarrassed when things don’t go to plan.
I want my kids to fail sometimes.
I want them to build their resilience.
I want them to learn how to persist during difficult times.
I want them to know that life is full of challenges and these challenges can be overcome.
Of course I want my kids to be happy. In my completely unbiased opinion, they are the best kids in the world and I want nothing but the best for them.
But the best for our kids isn’t an armchair ride. It’s equipping them with the strength required to make it in the big, wide world when they are older.
YES !!! I want my kids to grow in this way only so that they can be winners of tomorrow ! for a new world to face any challenge of life !
- Vijay
[ with post support from Darren ]

Letter to daughter -2

..... as I was saying to you that you are the most precious gift to me by GOD. In fact I could have not asked anything else. And as you grow older always remember that your friend, philosopher, guide and of-course your Dad is here for a hug , for a smile , for a word of wise ,for some counselling , for love, life, light and for that matter anything on this planet ....... I am just here for you .... I just want you to live your life to the fullest live it magnificently and achieve all your dreams. your life is just your life and its a gift to you by god ..... Live it . and yes you are a gift tome too from GOD !!!
I love you dear kid !

letters to daughter -1 there is this little girl who stole my heart in the very first sight and she calls me appa [ daddy ] .